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Blog: Back On Set

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Regular readers may recall my appeal for help making a video for 20 Things To Do Before You're 30. We got a lot of GRATE clips sent to us, but there were still a few GAPS which needed filling, so last night I met with Mr S Hewitt and Mr W Pilkington in central London to see what we could do about it.

We met at Russell Square and headed up the road to The "Laundrette" Launderette to film the line about... well, going to Launderettes. This took approximately 20 seconds to do so we retired to the nearby Lord John Russell pub for a well earned PINT and then to film another four lines. This took over two minutes to do, which was EXHAUSTING, so decided to go inside and sit in the warm for a bit, also for some more PINTS.

It was all rather delightful I must say - quite apart from anything else it was MARVELLOUS to be sat in a pub which such charming fellows discussing Vital Issues Of The Day, especially at a time when there are so MANY Vital Issues to be discussed. I'm beginning to think that we need to STAY in the pub full-time in order to prevent the entire country collapsing about itself - this is, I feel, pretty much the only SENSIBLE policy anybody's suggested all week!

posted 30/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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Still can't believe we did the launderette line in one take! Such professionals, we are :)
posted 30/6/2016 by Warren

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