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Blog: Louder Than War Premiere

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When I started to think about the Publicity Campaign for the new album I asked several wise heads what was the best way to do PLUGGING nowadays. I was aware that things might have changed in the four years since we last released an album so thought I'd best check - do Melody Maker prefer cassettes in brown jiffy bags or white?

It turns out things have changed A LOT, with pretty much everybody saying that these days you have PREMIERES and EXCLUSIVES of tracks and videos, rather than reviews like in the distant past. With this in mind I asked around a few people to try and rustle something up and the marvellous Mr G Gargan said he would see about getting us something in Louder Than War. And LO! he has only gone and done it!

THUS I am very happy to say that the song 20 Things To Do Before You're 30, the LEAD TRACK from our exciting new album Still Valid is now available to stream EXCLUSIVELY on Louder Than War!

Go and hsve a listen - if you like it then rest assured there is a LOT more like it to come. Release day is July 4th - put it in yr diaries!

posted 23/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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