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After bemoaning the demise of REVIEWERS yesterday I'm happy today to bring news of two things that ARE still going.

First of all - RADIO! Last night I went through my lists of DJs and radio shows and was delighted to find that the vast majority of them are STILL AT IT! Approximately 70% of the people I looked up were still broadcasting, still excited, and still happily playing GRATE songs. It was a beautiful way to spend an hour or so being a) delighted to see enthusiasm alive and well and b) reminded of the GOOD TIMES I spent in the past with these excellent people. I VERY much look forward to having more of the same with them in the near future!

The SECOND, possibly slightly less exciting, thing that is still going is The Validators' Twitter Account. I originally set this up about four years ago to protect the NAME "The Validators" from that bunch of twits who were tying to STEAL it (as detailed HERE) but hadn't really done much with the actual account. After all, if people want to know what's going on with The Validators then surely they can follow MY twitter account? That way they get the added bonus of finding out what I've been watching on telly!

Anyway, while I was going through all the radio and website contacts I thought "Hang on, shouldn't I be doing some TWITTER stuff as well?" for I am NOTHING if not up to date with the happening trends of late 2013. I've been told several times that these days you need to LEVERAGE your TWITTER PRESENCE in order to contact media types, and one way to do this is to send them messages. I've always felt a bit embarrassed about doing that sort of thing - my twitter account is MY twitter account, and it always feels a little VULGAR to use it to bother people I don't actually know - but I do accept that it is sometimes necessary. THUS, I reasoned, why not reactivate The Validators account and use THAT for all the Official New Album communications?

With that in mind I logged back on, updated our profile pic, explained what I was doing, and then started FOLLOWING people. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to go through finding people to follow and then getting recommendations for MORE and MORE accounts to follow, it's like drunk shopping on Amazon or collecting TRADING CARDS or being Captain and picking a TEAM at school ("No, YOU can follow the NME"). THE POWER!!!!

It's all set up and looking DEAD professional, so all I need to do now us remember NOT to leave it three years until I tweet from there again. You can follow us if you like to see how it goes, but I'm pretty sure I'll do better this time. Goodness knows there's going to be enough going on, with various VIDEOS and SINGLES and GIGS all planned, and then I can use MY account for making HILARIOUS remarks about things on telly!

posted 2/3/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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