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Blog: A Christmas Gift For All

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INSPIRED by the fact that a) the sister of Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey really liked the downloadable VOON track on the aforementioned Sorted Records webpage and b) it being Christmas, I give to you, for a limited yuletide period only, the Voon Christmas Record: Santa Is Coming.

The song originally came about in around 1990-91, when Dr Brown and I had an in-pub conversation about why Indie Bands never recorded Christmas songs (back in those days anyway, now every bugger's at it). We had a JAM (we were trying to make it sound like Jimi Hendrix, for some reason), and later worked up a very exciting version using synthesised sleighbells and a clarinet... Largely because that was the month we had a clarinet player and someone with a synth in the band. After THAT we recorded it for the "Legendary" (i.e. Constantly gone on about by ME) Voon Double Album "Modern & Vivid".

I apologise for the rather reckless use of the Mark E Smith "UGH!" throughout the song, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

posted 18/12/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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