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Blog: A Working Joe

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You may have noticed that things were a bit quiet on the blog this week - this was because I was at WORK!

"But Mark," you may exclaim, "surely you were at work for over two decades before this, and THAT didn't stop you blogging? INDEED it seems to have encouraged you, almost as if you didn't have much to do." This would be TRUE, but the job I started last week was more like a PROPER job, insomuchas there was stuff to DO.

For LO! I was starting my internship at a TV Production Company, what I applied for AGES ago. The company run a scheme over the summer where they get people in for a fortnight, but I'm doing my ten weeks spread out over four weeks as the person I'm working with has holidays, and also because I had some dates I couldn't do. It's worked out really nicely, as I don't think I could cope with a whole WEEK of doing a Proper Job!

The job itself is really good fun though, almost TOO MUCH fun. I've mostly been doing RESEARCH on two topics, which has meant spending most of the day searching for things and reading articles... which is pretty much what I spent most of my time doing in my old job, but this time I'm MEANT to. It felt a bit strange - at one point someone said "What are you looking at?" I PANICKED - I'd been reading a comics news website, but then realised that, actually, that was totally relevant to what I was SUPPOSED to be doing, so said so!

The biggest difficulty I've had has been setting off in the morning. When I had a proper job non-stop for over 22 years going to work was FINE (mostly), but for some reason starting a new job means that my BRANE immediately reverts to the late 1980's. "OH NO", it says as I, a GROWN MAN, set off at 10am to London's Fashionable London to work at a TV Development Company, "It's 6 in the morning and I've got to get a BUS to an INDUSTRIAL ESTATE in Peterborough to work in a FACTORY." Stupid BRANE!

Apart from that it's been great fun, especially the bits where we sit around doing IDEAS, and hopefully will continue to be so. I'm back tomorrow for three days, then a week off, then finally back again for another four. By the end of all that I may not be waking up an hour early and panicking!

posted 26/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 26/8/2014 by L.

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