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Blog: An Indietracks Mystery Solved

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Late on Saturday night I saw myself mentioned in a conversation on twitter between Mr S Tyers (of Sweeping The Nation) and Mr S Patrick (of A Brief History Of Time Travel), whereby Simon (the former) was asking Seb (the latter) if he was aware of the fact that we'd played I Want To Find Out How It Ends (the theme tune to A Brief History Of Time Travel) at Indietracks the other week, pointing him in the direction of this video as proof:

Seb replied "Why didn't MJ HIbbett tell me?!?" which was odd, because I was pretty sure I HAD done, at the festival, TWICE. On Friday I'd said hello to Seb, and said "We're playing your song tomorrow!!" and he hadn't looked interested at all. If anything he'd seemed rather confused. The same thing happened the next day, and I thought "How odd - I thought he'd be more pleased, and not be looking at my like a friendly LOONIE."

I mentioned this on twitter and within MINUTES Simon had worked out that I had ACTUALLY bumped into Mr D Fawcett, - "From later chat, and attempting to judge your late Saturday drink level, I believe that may have been @danielguntrip" were his exact words, tho GOODNESS KNOWS what he means by drink level hem hem. In my defence I have also met Daniel before (who was also relieved to have the confusion solved) and also Seb reported that it was probably not the first time it had happened, so really I cannot be blamed for causing such BEWILDERMENT. Still, it was nice to have it all finally sorted out - I'd been wondering what had gone on all week!

posted 6/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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At least now we know how it ends...
posted 6/8/2014 by Rocker

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