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Blog: Unbeaten (so far) In Play-Offs

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I was up EARLY (especially for a Saturday) on Saturday to head off on a train AGANE, as I had tickets with Mr C M Smith to go and see Peterborough United play in the first round of their League One play-off semi-final against Leyton Orient. I hadn't expeceted to be catching a train QUITE this early as I hadn't realised that the kick-off was at 12:15, but I guess I can't complain as I wouldn't be the only one making this journey. After all, Leyton is about three minutes from my HOUSE, so a whole heap of their away support would be doing it too!

I didn't notice ANY Leyton supporters on the Javelin to Kings Cross (though you hardly ever see ANYONE coming through our neighbourhood from Leyton - all those years of Olympics construction appear to have given Leyton people the idea that YOU CAN NEVER PASS through this way) and there were only a few on the train. Maybe the hard-core went up earlier, or maybe there were a lot of coaches?

I met my MUM in the pub - she was meant to be dropping Chris off, but he'd decided HE was going to park the car, so Mum came instead and we got Mildly Excited about having a beer before noon. Holiday beers! As ALWAYS happens when I'm Peterborough with my dear mother we met someone she knows, who said "Is this your husband?" I KNEW I should have shaved before going! Chris rolled up in a PANIC about getting there in time, and the two of us HOT FOOTED it over to London Road, arriving with ten minutes to spare, so as ever we got to watch the pre-match BIT and say "What on earth is that Rabbit all about?" NB there's always a big rabbit character who comes on with the team. I have no idea why - Mr Posh is a GIVEN, they seem very keen on Ms Posh being there, and I actually quite like MATTRESS MAN who comes on at half-time, but I am CONFUSED by the rabbit.

Anyway, the game itself was a bit rubbish - it was very very windy and one entire end of the ground is pretty much open where they're building a new stand, so the ball got blown ALL OVER the place. It took them AGES to realise this as everyone kept HOOFING the ball and then looked confused when it didn't go where they thought it would. It was not the SILKY play I have become used to with Posh this season hem hem and they were VERY LUCKY to get away with a draw.

Still, I hope they win tonight at Leyton - we ARE unbeaten in play-offs, and it would be nice to be able to go to WEMBLEY again. I was very excited on the last day of the season when it turned out they'd be playing Leyton because, as previously stated, it's just round the corner from my house, so ANNOYED when ALL of the Away Tickets sold out before The General Public (me) had a chance to get them. I shall just have to try and listen out of the window and hope for another final!

posted 13/5/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Unbeaten at Wembley still anyway!
posted 14/5/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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