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Blog: The Olympic Pool

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This weekend I went swimming in the Olympic Pool. Not _A_ Olympic Pool, mind you, but THE Olympic Pool, the one that was in The Actual Olympics. It was RATHER exciting!

The Aquatics Centre is one of the BIG and NOTICEABLE buildings left over from 2012, along with the Arena, Velodrome, Copper Box and The Squiggle, but it opened up to the public about a week ago with the quietest of SQUEAKS. I only live 10 minutes away and I didn't know about it for a few days, INDEED it is only because I am interested/NOSY that I realised it was there.

It's a FANTASTIC building from the outside, though inside it carries on the tradition of pretty much everything to do with the post-Olympics Olympic Park i.e. it's very nice, run very enthusiastically, but Not Quite Right. We've had this in our flat with the windows that don't quite make sense, or the thermostat placed opposite the tumble dryer (so the heating system usuallly thinks it's much warmer than it actually is, and switches off our towel warmers!), and it manifested in the pool with things like the fact you have to print off a piece of paper as your ticket and scan it under a barcode scanner which isn't big enough to fit a piece of A4 paper, or that the shower cubicles are operated by sensors, so you can't get dried because they keep switching on again!

That said it was LOVELY once you go in, also VAST. There were HUNDREDS of people in the pool, but it's got TEN lanes of swimming and is 50 metres long, so there was PLENTY of space. It was an amazing place to swim too, just looking around and remembering it from The Actual Olympics or just looking up out of the window and seeing The Squiggle peering in, appearing to GRIN at you.

It was also Not Hugely Expensive, so I have made GRAND PLANS to go there on a regular basis, especially come mid-May when my job finishes and I become a Gentleman Of Leisure. I can't wait!

posted 10/3/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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I hope they've changed the water!
posted 10/3/2014 by Jonny_yeah

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