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I had a long stroll through London Town last night, from Bloomsbury to Clerkenwell. It was about half an hour's walk through constant CITY, and it made me think yet again how WEIRD it is that London is SO BIG. In pretty much all other UK cities you could cross the city centre pretty easily in half an hour, but in That London you can set off from the middle and walk for MILES without getting to any gaps. Half an hour's walk through constant multi-storey buildings RAMMED with people DOING stuff is a LOT of population, and it's something you don't tend to think about too much when you live here.

What I'm saying is that London is Quite Big and features a lot of people. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!

Anyway, I was in Clerkenwell to attend Geek Showoff at The Slaughtered Lamb. This is an event run and hosted by Mr Steve Cross, of Bright Club, Museums Showoff, Science Showoff etc etc and tonight it was to feature Mr Steve Hewitt talking about BEER. I was in no way upset that STEVE was the first of us to get a solo gig after Total Hero Team had finished: this did not impinge on my thinking AT ALL!

It was a lovely evening all round - Steve was, of course, THE BEST, but there was a tonne of interesting other stuff too, not least some OPERA SINGING and talks on Moomins and PROGRAMMING. Nearly everyone seemed to use the COmputer Projector too, apart from Steve who was KEEPING IT REAL! To my surprise/DELIGHT it also featured a TONNE of People I Know, from previous events or just from ROCK, with yet more familiar faces in attendance in the audience too. If mild-mannered geeky people over 30 DID such things it would have been a SCENE GATHERING!

I also took the opportunity to explain Project G to a couple of people AND finally told Steve about... the OTHER idea. For reasons that will become obvious in time, and rather fortuitously, it should be labelled Project H. He seemed DELIGHTED about it, and I am hoping to use this delight to make him come to TAP DANCING lessons with me. Imagine! A show featuring me and Steve TAP DANCING - surely THAT says "West End HIT" all over it?

posted 5/3/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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