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Blog: Early Retirement

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It's finally happened - after eleven and a bit years my two-year contract at Birkbeck is finally DEFINITELY coming to an end!! There've been many extensions, with an extra year added at the last minute for both of the last two years, but THIS time it is not to be, for LO! I received an email from HR on Monday telling me that March 31st shall be my last day in employment.

I've been expecting it for SO long that I thought confirmation wouldn't make much difference, but to be honest it has SURPRISED me that it's finally happening, and my BRANE is struggling a bit to cope with the idea that, come April, I won't have an Actual Proper Job to avoid doing!

The current plan is to take a few months to have a go at FREELANCING and to see if i can make a go of it trying to WRITE stuff. I've got loads of scripts to finish off, or start, or work out, and various AVENUES to wander along, including the Nick Writing Program, which I've just finished off my entry for, and trying to write some sketches for Radio 4 shows. However, if anybody out there has any WORK offers they would like to offer me, especially if they involve WRITING of any kind (WURDZ and/or MUSIC), then do please let me know. PENURY doesn't really suit me!

In the meantime I intend to do some RESEARCH into my new area of work i.e. watching telly and going to the pictures. This began right away, post-notification, as we went to see THE LEGO MOVIE on Tuesday. GOODNESS ME but it was GRATE - so many BITS of GOOD STUFF (my favourite was "Spaceship! Spaceship! SPACESHIP!"), a PLOT that kept on and on being surprising, but best of all a MESSAGE that was a) interesting b) not straightforward c) COOL. I liked it a GRATE deal!

posted 20/2/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Get a bloody job.
posted 20/2/2014 by Ray K

How much do you charge per song?
posted 21/2/2014 by Nick

I usually charge by the PINT, to be honest, what would you like?
posted 21/2/2014 by MJ Hibbett

I'll think about it :-)
posted 22/2/2014 by Nick

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