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Blog: Full-on Foley Fun

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In just over a week's time we begin the final TOUR for Total Hero Team - we're bringing it to Sheffield, Hackney, Glasgow and Leicester, so do please pop along if you can, won't you?

As stated before, we're going to be doing a PODCAST version of the show to go alongside the tour. We recorded the dialogue and SONGS last week and I've spent most evenings since HEADPHONED UP editing it together. The PEASY bit of this is lining up all the different sections, taking out the mistakes (yes! amazingly, there ARE some - hard to believe, I know, for anyone who has ever seen the show hem hem) and INTERESTINGLY taking out the little gaps when one of us changes voices. I say "INTERESTINGLY" because I didn't realise it was happening at the time, but when (say) I do The Womandroid replying to Chester Champion there's an audible GAP, as if I'm having to change costume to do the voice. I do accept that this may only be interesting to ME.

The really FUN bit, however, is doing the SOUND EFFECTS. To my surprise there are a TONNE of these (I never noticed them when doing the live version) and I've had a lovely time wandering around various sound effects pages on the interweb, looking for JUST the right EXPLOSION, or trying to work out what a Future Kitten uploading villains onto the internet might sound like, apart from just me going "MIAOW! MIAOW! MIAOW!" When we recorded the vocals I thought "Gosh, having a Proper Script doesn't half make this easier" and this THORT is even MORE valid when applied to doing sound effects - the Proper Formatting what I did means I can just look through and SPOT where they're meant to be, NOTE what they should sound like, then GET them. As per, I know this is blindingly obvious and is part of a process of Radio Production that has built up over DECADES, but I am still taking DELIGHT in it actually WORKING.

I was also spending some time this morning thinking about it, and wondering why it was so much EASIER to do this time than when we did the Dinosaur Planet album. That was ALSO an adaptation of one of our Rock Operas, of roughly the same length, how come that took THREE YEARS to record, while this one's taking just over a week? I eventually realised that MAYBE the fact that that album had about twenty guest stars, ORCHESTRAS, huge soundscapes and a full BAND throughout might have lengthened the recording process, also travelling to DERBY to do it added a bit, as opposed to this one which is me, Steve, a guitar and ukulele, and a few explosions. That would probably explain it.

Anyway, I'm on course to get the first draft of the whole thing DONE tomorrow, then on Sunday we're doing some PICTURES, more editing next week, and then all being well we'll have the first episode (of six) ready to download next Friday (24th) just before we go to Sheffield. I can't WAIT for people to hear it, I think it's going to be GRATE!

posted 17/1/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Really excited, Mark, as is Jude!
posted 17/1/2014 by Gareth

I really enjoyed the first episode. I should say this on the twitter, boost your profile to my mass of followers!
posted 28/1/2014 by Pauly

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