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Blog: New Video Evidence Emerges

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As mentioned the other day, I'm having a bit of a clearout at the moment, part of which involves going through my BUREAU and finding loads of old PHOTOGRAPHS. I've got a big pile of these on CD - back when people were first putting pictures on computers BUT were using cameras with film in, you used to be able to get a CD of all your pictures from BOOTS along with prints, and I did this a LOT! Looking at them I had a sudden BRANEWAVE: you can fit a LOT more than 24 pictures on a CD, wouldn't it be more sensible to stick all of these together onto an external hard drive instead, thus saving a TONNE of space and maybe even leading to LOOKING at them some time?

Thus on Monday night I started doing exactly that, transferring them all onto my computer disk by disk, ready for a BIG TRANSFER. As well as my own CDs I'd also got a few from other people, including one from Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey that had a VERY exciting listing of VOON and The Council gigs on it. Imagine then my disappointment to find it didn't WORK - there weren't ANY pictures on it and just some weird video files that... hang on, could this be an actual DVD?

I clicked a couple of THINGS and suddenly - KER-POW! - I found myself watching an ACTUAL VIDEO of The Council (in the Neil + me + drum machine formation) playing at The Physio & Firkin! The ENTIRE GIG was on there, as was TWO complete Voon gigs at The Durham Ox, TWO complete recordings of The Council's HEADLINE GIG at Abbey Park Festival and ALL SORTS more. It was amazing - I dimly recall Dave giving me the DVD but had forgotten all about it, and now found myself looking at the events of 15 years ago with astounding clarity. We looked so THIN! And HAIRY! And ... otherwise pretty much the same. I was MOST astonished about how GOOD it sounded - well, some of the Me And Neil Council was a bit MARDY, but the Voon gig sounded FANTASTIC, and the three-piece Council (feat. an INCREDIBLY DRUNK Tim) was AMAZING. I remember us being too pissed to play anything, but it sounds ACE, and there's an ACTUAL GENUINE CROWD!!!

I'm going to do my very very best to get these onto YouTube in the near future - I might even set up a new channel for it, so I can do whole gigs (song by song) without it mucking up the normal "service". I'm even thinking about MAYBE doing a proper edit of the Abbey Park gig - with two camera angles,it could be a DOCUMENTARY for the ages!

If it DOESN'T happen by Christmas please do feel free to pester me about it, these artefacts are ROCK HISTORY and must be seen!

posted 6/11/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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