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Blog: The Beta Males

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I had a very strange experience on Friday evening. I was meeting Mr S Hewitt at The Pleasance for a beer and to see a show - so far so NORMAL. This is something we have done approx 100,000,000 times in Edinburgh over the years. The STRANGEST came from one simple fact: we were in LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!

I know!

It turns out (NB i did sort of know this, but anyway) that the people who run The Pleasance in Edinburgh, home of The Courtyard Where You See Famous People, ALSO run a similarly named theatre in London, and it was here that Steve and I had gathered to see The Beta Males doing their show "Superopolis". It was advertised as a superhero-themed sketch show and we had been prevented from seeing it in Edinburgh because it was on at about the same time that we were. We were thus pleased to have the opportunity to see it down this way, and wondered if it would be anything like OUR superhero based show.

Funnily enough, it sort of WAS, in that it was ACE! Also it featured some grown men titting about playing a wide variety of characters differentiated by a wide range of HATS and WIGS. There show was a little less story-centered than hours, tending more towards LARFS (and by heck there were a LOT of them!), and also not having the SONGS. And there were five of them. Otherwise though it was very much in the same VEIN, including the fact that it was CLEARLY written from a point of LOVE for superheroes. There were MANY gags that displayed an inherent affection and indeed KNOWLEDGE of the genre, including up to date jokes about crossovers. At no point, however, did it go to far, and I think if anyone completely unaware of superheroes went they'd enjoy it too.

There were LOADS of GRATE bits, some of which were DEAD THEATRICAL and others which RIGHT SILLY, and we came out with massive great big silly grins all over our faces. These were only increased when we bumped into Mr Dec Munro, our HERO of Edinburgh, wandering in to see someone else. We also had a quick chat to some of the STARS, saying how much we'd enjoyed it, because we REALLY had. It's on again this Wednesday I think - if you're about, do GO!

posted 21/10/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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