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Blog: Sounds Of The Shows

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I'm in a pretty fixed state of "A Week From Now" at the moment. Yesterday I kept thinking things like "A Week From Now we'll be getting on the train to Edinburgh!" and "A Week From Now we'll be in the flat!" and "A Week From Now I hope to be having a curry!" whereas today, so far, i have mostly been thinking "A Week From Now I plan to still be enjoying my first lie-in!"

It's all very very VERY exciting and I'm trying to calm myself down by doing Social Media Stuff, including loading up the soundcloud section of our page in the online Fringe programme with SONGS. I've got FIVE different songs on there now, recorded at various radio stations (OR, in the case of Do It Yourself, for the PBH Free Fringe Benefit ALbum) and I must say they sound pretty darn good!

You can also listen to them on
my soundcloud page, where there's a HEAP of other songs, largely from previous shows. Of course, these isolated songs don't give you an idea of the scope, or indeed sheer TITTING AROUND, of the show itself, but hopefully they'll give you some idea.

It really isn't far off now - come on Universe, get a MOVE on!

posted 26/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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