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In a bid to try and get some people to come and see us in Edinburgh I'm sending out some emails to COMICS-type webpages, telling them we're doing a musical about PROPER superheroes. I feel/HOPE it is something they might be interested in, though I must admit that doing so is partly due to JEALOUSY towards a Doctor Who-based musical which is all OVER the Doctor Who sites at the moment.

As part of this I thought it might be FUN (also About Time) to demonstrate quite how MASTERFUL Mr J Allison's character designs are. As I may have mentioned at the time, we sent him some pictures of me and Steve wearing HATS and pulling FACES, and asked him to imagine that we were particularly half-arsed cos-players, and to REVERSE-ENGINEER the ACTUAL costumes from what he saw. To show what an AMAZING job he did of this I've put up the original photographs (along with the little bits of text we gave him) on a special comparison page on the Total Hero Team website, along with the finished article. He did do, I think you'll agree, a pretty fantastic job!

Interestingly (NB may only be interesting for me) some of the quotes we used to give an indication of character have long since been CUT from the actual show. Looking at that huge chunk of DIALOGUE we gave The United Statesman, for instance, reminds me of just how MUCH talking there used to be in the show, and gives me great RELIEF to think that we chopped it all out and replaced it with ACTING! Well, Acting and also Realising It Wasn't Necessary, but just in case any AWARDS COMMITTEES are reading this: it's ACTING!

UPDATE: I wrote all the above yesterday, when I sent the emails out to comics websites. I have since realised that THE EVE OF COMICON (i.e. the night before the start of THE BIGGEST COMICS EVENT OF THE YEAR) was perhaps NOT the best time to do so. Relaunch next week i think!!

posted 19/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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