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We went to see Otway on Friday night, at The 100 Club. Having never been there before I was expecting something plush, corporate and rubbish, but actually it was ACE. It felt PROPER and comfy for a venue, also the beer was quite nice. Otway was FANTASTIC as ever - him and the band appear to STILL be excited about The Hit (as well they might be), and bloody ROCK when they play together. It's brilliant to see such an ace band clearly having the time of their lives in a room full of people who LOVE them - the drummer especially GRINNED like a loon all the way through, and also Murray the rythmn ("second") guitarist is getting in some GAGS nowadays. Watching them perform is watching MASTERS of ROCK at work, truly inspirational, also HILARIOUS, also, in the bit in Geneve where he sings "And I am still young..." and the crowd cheers, incredibly moving. Otway ROCkS!

posted 3/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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