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Blog: Ninety Minutes Of ACTION

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We're getting very very close to COMPLETION on the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album - I now have a COLOSSAL 32 tracks uploaded for it, with three more on the way and then just me and Steve's track to record at the weekend. We're doing a version of Do It Yourself from Total Hero Team, but instead of the "Here's what happened next" bit at the end we're going to do a CREDITS ROLL of all the people on the album. HENCE we can't really do it until all the tracks are in!

I'm currently going through working out the running order and checking the comparative VOLUME of tracks, after which it'll be Press Release Writing Time! The release date was originally pencilled in for March 4th, but I'm thinking of making it a couple of days later now, partly so that I can put it in the next newsletter, partly so that I can maybe do some FLYERS at Popfest, but MOSTLY because I'm dead excited about it. It's sounding MARVELLOUS!

It's also LENGTHY - we're now well past the ninety minutes' mark with more songs to come in, which will make it, I think, something of a BARGAIN. I do hope people BUY it, as it's such a good cause and such a good compilation!

posted 19/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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