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Blog: Now We (really) Are!

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I'm very very pleased to announce that we're going to be appearing at the Now We Are Weekender in West Brom this May. I've been ITCHING to show off about it for weeks, but have had to wait until it was OFFICIAL in order to do so. Now it IS, so i can: ZANG!

I'm extra excited about it because I'd been talking to Emma from Funny Little Cat about it for YEARS, from way back when she was first talking about doing an "IndieTANKS" festival. At one point there was talk of bands playing underneath a LANCASTER BOMBER, which was all terribly exciting, so when she Changed THEME and BOOKED last year's first festival at The Public I was a) SUPER KEEN to play but then b) UPSET when the DATES meant we couldn't. And thus, as I say, I'm all CHUFFED that we actually CAN do it this year.

I see RAISED HANDS - is there a question? "But Mark", you may ask, all worried looking, "What do you mean by 'we'? Is this a Validators' gig? Or is it you and Steve doing a SHOW?" This is an EXCELLENT question, and happily the answer is BOTH. On the Saturday me and The Vlads will be ROCKING OUT BIG TIME, and then on the Sunday afternoon Steve and I will be performing Total Hero Team. It's going to be GRATE!

We were in the second batch of announcements, along with our pals August August Actually. The first batch was DEAD exciting, with Allo Darlin', Darren Hayman and Johnny Foreigner headlining - and there's a TONNE more to come. They've put early bid tickets on sale at the KRAZY price of 16.50 for BOTH days, which is ridiculously cheap! Do come along, I have a feeling it's going to be a METRIC HECKLOAD of FUN!

posted 11/2/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Go on then.
posted 11/2/2013 by James

A Hibbett double header in West Brom, fantastic! the billing makes sense now. My ticket is safely pinned to the notice board, will it be ace? now it will. or somethign like that.
posted 11/2/2013 by matt

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