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Blog: Newsletter Day

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It's the last working day of the month, which means it must be time for the latest edition of The Last Working Day Of The Month. INCREDIBLY this is the 92nd issue of our newsletter - 92nd! I guess I'd better get PLANNING something for the 100th really hadn't I?

It's been lovely doing the newsletter every month, and it hasn't really changed much from the early issues. I've tidied it up a bit and become a bit more RELAXED about having the same categories each time, but otherwise it's the same thing. Occasionally I've thought of making it FLASHIER or indeed AUTOMATING it, but I rather like the fact that it's a bit old fashioned (emails are old-fashioned, it MUST be The Future!) and actually quite enjoy emailing them out in batches of 50 by "hand". I'm not so keen on UNSUBSCRIBING by hand, which I also have to do, but HEY! that's what you get for being RETRO.

I'm relieved this month to have a GIG to put in, as for a while I thought November would be gig-FREE - the PLAN to do less gigs is actually WORKING at the moment, which is GOOD, but I don't want to go COLD TURKEY so I was MOST excited when Mr B Bailey of The Lovely Brothers invited me to come and support them in Brighton on the 18th. After that it's just BERLIN for this year (so far), but FEAR NOT! Come 2013 me and Steve will be hitting the road with Total Hero Team!

Which reminds me - I really ought to get on with learning it!

posted 31/10/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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