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Blog: Party Like It's 2004

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Things are HOTTING UP like nobody's business in the poll to choose the hold music for At-Bristol Science Centre with our song A Little Bit very much NECK AND NECK with one by Monty Harper. As I write we are ONE VOTE ahead!

It's all quite exciting, with lots of PALS very helpfully WEIGHING IN to encourage others to vote - it's such a long time since I've been involved in anything like this, in fact, that I'd forgotten how much FUN it can be. There was a time, LONG AGO, when online polls were all the rage (having, I think, only just been automated properly) and people were FOREVER imploring you to vote for them. We had our own THRILL RACE back in 2004 when we were up against "The Badger Song" by Mr J Veitch in the Yahoo Office Attachments Awards. Everyone got VERY excited about it and HUGE numbers of votes were cast until, just before voting closed, the whole thing was REMOVED, without a WORD of reason why, and completely IGNORED forevermore by the organisers. Almost as if they had detected... CHEATING?!?

I felt ROBBED then, and would DEARLY love it if we could set history right and win THIS one - so please, if you've not done so yet, do pop on over an give us a vote. The poll closes tomorrow (Wednesday) at lunchtime, so get in quick!

This must be what it's like to be in the final of X-Factor. Do you think it'll help if i CRY?

posted 9/10/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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I voted!
posted 10/10/2012 by Charlie

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