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Monday's EXCITEMENT about being in Word Magazine was pretty much DOUBLED yesterday as I wandered into nearby newsagent to find that there were now TWO magazines on the racks with a review of Dinosaur Planet in them, for LO! this month's edition of SFX Magazine was out!

Now, obviously I knew the review would be in there as I'd seen it online, but seeing it in actual paper was MUCH more exciting. I mean, I know i am WONT to go on about how the glorious future of ALL MEDIA is a online democracy of Actual People talking about things they've Actually Bought, but COR, there's something about being IN the Old Fashioned Print Media that sends a THRILL coursing through the old veins. Here it is!

click for bigger

It's also a reinforcement of something i KNEW to be true but was having a hard time hanging on to - when you put out an album it DOESN'T all happen in the first 24 hours of release! Things DO take a bit of time to get rolling, and though it would have been NICE to have been on BBC Breakfast on the dot of 9am Release Day and STRADDLING the playlists like a Pop Colossus, sometimes it takes a bit longer for things to get EMBEDDED. Especially when that thing is a 50 minute long continuous science fiction rock opera concept album.

I expect that's why the NME haven't done a review yet, they're probably in a meeting RIGHT NOW comparing notes, saying "I've only listened to it 17 times, I'm not sure I've got all the nuances yet." Yes, i BET that's it!

posted 9/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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