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Blog: Everything's Turning Out All Right

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I'm sure you won't have noticed - i've kept it very much to myself, and have hardly mentioned it to anyone - but I've been a bit worried these past few days about whether the album would go over all right.

No, I have, honest - i may have been my usual STOIC and TERSE self here on the blog and on twitter, but the secret truth is my EGO has been CRAVING SUSTENANCE these last few days, as the three years spent making the album finally reach a CRESCENDO.

I'm happy to reveal that my EGO is now feeding very well, as a gentle stream of actually RATHER LOVELY reviews have been coming in. Maybe it's just people who DO get it who are doing the reviews, but so far everyone pretty much HAS. There's a particularly GRATE one over at Norman Records for instance, or an equally lovely one at We Are Unseen. PHEW!

There's some interesting TRENDS gently rising in the reviews so far. "Britishness" seems to pop up in most of them, and the ACTING being, specifically "not all of Oscar standard" is another. I'm happy to take "Britishness" as it seems to be meant in terms of the HUMOUR, which is fair enough, and I even don't mind the slight hint that the acting isn't of QUITE the highest standard. Well, it's NOT that sort of ACTING is it? I think if it was ENTIRELY naturalistic it would be a bit weird, and that everyone has got more into the SPIRIT of the thing. There's also a bit of a hint of everyone thinking "I really really LIKE this album, but I've got to say something that isn't ENTIRELY raving to give balance. Aha!"

So yes, so far SO GOOD. I know that there WILL, at some point, be a SNOTTY review and I fully expect it to use the words "comedy music" in a derogatory sense, but so far everyone seems to be ON BOARD, which is a GRATE relief. We've also had the first person LIKING us via the FACEBOOK ads, and I'm taking great JOY in looking at the various COMICS sites that occasionally have us featured in ADS.

It's all turning out pretty good - which gives me PLENTY of time to worry about the LAUNCH GIG instead. EEEEEEK!!!!

posted 24/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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I may have pre-ordered, but only got to listen to it on launch day... Love it, love the humour and the dinosaurs have good taste by destroying Norwich first!
posted 24/1/2012 by Merman

'...but the ending of the album does indicate that this shall not be the last we hear from the Dinosaur Planet.' OMG.
posted 24/1/2012 by Her Indoors

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