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Blog: The Future Starts On Monday

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Last night The Text In My Article and I went out for a DELIGHTFUL evening of BEER in the company of my little baby brother and his girlfriend. It was LOVELY, and as we retired to bed later that evening we were discussing how GRATE it had been when I suddenly thought "Hang on a minute, this music [on 6Music, which I'd tuned our bedside radio to] sounds VERY familiar!"

For LO! It was ME! That nice Mr Gideon Coe was playing My Grandad Is Nuts on his radio show AGANE!

It was all very exciting, tho it did make me slightly RUE my impatience over the rest of the week as I worried about nothing happening with Dinosaur Planet. These worries were pushed further back today, when not one but TWO more reviews came in. The first is a right old RAVE from Keep Pop Loud and the second ALMOST as enthusiastic from SFX Magazine. I actually BUY that magazine sometimes, and will DEFINITELY be getting the next issue, when the review will be in print!

This has all come as a MASSIVE relief to me, as you can imagine, and it's sort of led to me getting a bit ahead of myself and UNLEASHING a new video too. I was planning to hang on until release day, but could not WAIT any longer, and so i give you a SECOND video, for Literature Search, THUS:

My favourite ASPECT of this particular video is when it becomes like a NIGHTMARE VERSION of 70's Top Of The Pops towards the end, i MAY have got a little carried away there!

Watch out for this, and various other items, being FOISTED on a startled world on Monday, when I launch the BIG PUSH for the album. Everything appears to be in place and it's almost, FINALLY, time to UNLEASH THE DINOSAURS!

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone - as of Monday Nothing Will Ever Be The Same AGANE!

posted 20/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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