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Last night myself and The Programmes On My Station met outside Broadcasting House to go and watch another radio show being recorded, this time Click for the BBC World Service.

As ever we went through the security checks (where for some reason they wanted to look at my keys), were guided by many many staff members down a corridor, and then bought some BEER while we waited to be let in. The show's presenter, Gareth Mitchell, came through all excited about the fact that there were loads of people waiting, and even stopped for a bit of a CHAT with us. I realised that he was doing the radio equivalent of Standing Outside The Pub, Wandering If Anyone Would Turn Up.

Soon we were inside being WARMED UP with a chat from the producer and then the presenters. We hadn't realised before arriving that it would actually be LIVE, which was TERRIBLY exciting, and the show itself SPED by. There was talk about ART in Technology, seem HACKERS operating a machine containing Ping Pong Balls (which, charmingly, was being operated automatically by twitter, but seemed to need a LOT of FiddlinG With) and some pretty AMAZING music played on an Air Piano. This was GORGEOUS, and quite similar to what I'd heard at the Interesting conference last year - samples being triggered by hand movements and then manipulated, ALLIED to a quite stunning voice. It was GRATE - have a listen!.

I think it was my FAVOURITE of all the shows we've been to, and much of this was to do with the fact that it WAS live. When we've been to recorded shows they seem to spend AGES on the warm-up bit (usually the main comedian GABBLING) and then EVEN LONGER doing re-takes at the end, so this time it actually finished WAY before we'd had enough. They did do a PODCAST intro and outro, but these TOO felt too short if anything, and we walked out into the night wanting MORE. I only knew Click from the News 24 TV version before, but I'll definitely be listening in again, it was brilliant!

We strode off into the night to DINE OUT in London's Sophisticated Restaurant District before heading home, where we were to find MORE Radio Activity had occurred...

posted 11/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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