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Blog: The Interregnum Of Uncertainty

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You find me today WHITTLING. Anybody who knows me will know this is not exactly a RARE occurrence, but it is at a high level at the moment for LO! it is THAT week of the Album Release Campaign where NOTHING happens.

I hate THAT week, it's AWFUL. Every time we put an album out I have to go through THAT week, when the whole thing is FINISHED, the albums are sent out, I've emailed as many people as I can get away with to REMIND them about it and all I can do now is sit around and WAIT. If it's GOING to get into the PRESS it won't be until at least February, if it's going to be on any BLOGS it'll be more likely to appear around the release itself, and any RADIO plays will probably be next week at the earliest.

Thus all I can really do is sit around and WORRY. I know, INTELLECTUALLY, that this has always happened every time, but knowing that doesn't really HELP. It happened with WE VALIDATE! and we ended up getting a Radio ONE session, it happened with Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez and we ended up being Album Of The Day on 6music... but then it ALSO happened with Forest Moon Of Enderby and, well, let's just say I have slightly more copies of THAT left in the corner of our spare room than I might ideally prefer.

So all I can do is WORRY. Does it actually SOUND all right? Is a 50 minute science fiction rock opera concept album REALLY what the world is waiting for? Or was it maybe a terrible, GHASTLY mistake? I listened to it on the way in to work this morning and, to my relief, it still sounded AMAZING, but I must admit the silence is getting to me now. It feels like I've walked MILES to get to a WAREHOUSE and have just walked in to find it in PITCH DARKNESS. I'm waiting for the lights to come on and have no way of knowing whether it's going to be full of AMAZING STUFF... or completely empty.

Or to put it another way - my current job is due to finish at the end of March, but during the recording of the album I was CONVINCED I'd make my millions through Dinosaur Planet and was happily planning the West End run of the HIT ADAPTATION while practicing my SOFA technique for all the interviews I'd be doing. This week I find myself thinking maybe it MIGHT be an idea to check some job sites.

This is the situation inside my BRANE at the moment - WHITTLING! I'm sure this'll change, one way or the other, over the next fortnight or so, but at the moment all is ONGOING WORRY and a desperate need for some reassurance. So, if you see me over the next couple of weeks, look kindly upon me, for I am AFEARED!

posted 10/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Of course...we've giving Jenny's track a spin on the Kooba Radio Band of the Year 2011 Special. Up this week! I'll send you the link when it's available.
posted 10/1/2012 by Jonny Yeah

It has to end better than when we walked MILES to the Prime Distribution Warehouse and eventually discovered that it was indeed VERY EMPTY. Happy days! (PS Frankie says RELAX!)
posted 10/1/2012 by francis

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