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Blog: Come Back Myspace Tom

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As part of the build up to the FULL POWER PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN for Dinosaur Planet I thought it was probably about time for me to get ON and set up a proper Facebook page.

Now, I quite like Facebook but tend to use twitter or email or indeed YE OLDE HTML to do most of my interweb communications, so I'm probably not quite as AU FAIT with its workings as I might be, but still: CRIKEY! It's a RIGHT old PALAVAR isn't it? I want to have a page with a nice big picture on it, some links, some images and maybe a video but GOOD LORD it isn't easy. It's like one of those computer games where you can complete MOST of a level fairly sensibly but then have to spend HOURS going round and round looking for TINY CLUES to find SECRET PLACES where you can get the final pieces of THE KEY / click the button that'll allow you to DO the thing you want to.

After HOURS of trying to work it out I've finally managed to turn my OWN page into the new "timeline" thing, which suddenly makes everything look REMARKABLY like a MYSPACE page. Well done Facebook! I've also found tips on how to customise a page to be more how you want it, and it too is REMARKABLY Myspace-y, with HACKS and renamings and bits of code to insert until YOU TOO can make it next to useless. NGG! Come back Myspace Tom, all is forgiven!

I couldn't find a way to make a PAGE (Facebook seem to have DELIBERATELY called everything by UNHELPFUL NAMES - a "page" is a VERY specific thing for them, as is a "timeline" and a "cover". I expect they'll call the NEXT version just "the" and have done with it) do the TIMELINE thing, so I think I'm probaby going to leave it fairly simple and concentrate on CONTENT. We have a LOT of content to stick on there, but as an irregular user of the site I'm not entirely sure how/IF people use it.

Still, we might as well have a go, right? I'm going to properly LAUNCH the site, with a new video and some other bits and bobs, on RELEASE DAY (January 23rd! Not long now!) but if you'd like a quick look you can see how far I've got at Hope you like (and indeed LIKE) it!

posted 5/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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