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Blog: Oh Christmas Tree!

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Christmas ACTION continued chez nous over the weekend, as we put up our CHRISTMAS TREE!

In previous years we've had PLASTIC trees - a really big one for a few years and then in recent times a much diddier one - but this year it was decided that we would have a REAL tree. Thus myself and The Doors On My Advent Calendar went round to our local Homebase on Saturday and picked out a TREE. There were two different ones - the old fashioned SPRUCE and the Super Modern EverFrond Nordman Luxurious (something like that anyway). The modern new ones looked LUSTROUS and smelt GORGEOUS, and I almost felt sorry for the traditional trees, which looked like they'd been pre-loved by a squadron of trained toddlers, wobbling it about until most of the needles had already dropped off.

It felt GOOD to WRESTLE a mighty tree down the road, and it was a LOT of fun getting it decorated. All right, maybe somebody DID have a bit of a sulk when it was suggested that we keep the tree sparse and sophisticated... but I was allowed to LATHER it with TINSEL eventually so cheered up no end. Also I made an ANGEL out of cardboard, Pritt Stick, Cotton Wool and a piece of ribbon. Blue Peter! I AM AVAILABLE!

The Bulbs In My Light Fixtures had also got some new FAIRY LIGHTS, and when the entire tree was finished and the lights switched on it looked BEAUTIFUL. All weekened we kept wandering in just to LOOK at it, also to SMELL it, often accompanied by the first several plays of The Bob Dylan Christmas Album. It all felt rather wonderfully Christmassy!

Later on in the weekend we also went to a Kids's party (HECTIC) an Advent Church Service (CATHOLIC) and then to the PUB, where there was some JAZZ (JAZZ). It was all rather lovely, but whatever was happening it was never as Christmassy as that little tree that we'd spent so much love on. Christmas! It's bloody GRATE, isn't it?

posted 5/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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