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Blog: The Leaving Of Bedford Square

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It was a funny old day yesterday - I was the ONLY person in our building for most of the day, which isn't _that_ unusual, especially in recent years since we've gone down to about seven staff, but felt strange yesterday as it was also my LAST day in the office. We're moving round the corner to the main Birkbeck building next week so everywhere I looked there were CRATES and BOXES labelled with their new destinations. Right at the end of the day I packed away my computer and took a last look round the building that has been my main destination for the majority of days over the past nearly NINE YEARS. I felt as if I should feel more emotional... and then when i left suddenly DID. It's not as big a WRENCH as the one that's probably coming in March, when my job actually ENDS, but still it felt weird - I've spent so much TIME there, and now I'll probably never go back!

Luckily emotional stability was soon restored by a trip to the PUB where I met Mr K Top Of The Pops for a CHAT before heading round the corner to a GIG. He's a delightful chap is Keith who I already hold in high esteem but this was MULTIPLIED when he very casually mentioned that he can FLY A HELICOPTER. "Oh yes... wait, WHAT did you say?!?" I replied. He can totally fly a helicopter! Imagine that!

Still REELING from this realisation we went round to the Buffalo Bar to see Allo Darlin' who were, of course, AMAZING. Surprisingly few NEW songs but otherwise HIT after HIT after HIT - it seems a bit like CHEATING when a band with only ONE album can come back with a song like "My Heart Is A Drummer" for the ENCORE, or lodge a new one like "Darren" in yr BRANE for the next 24 hours, but that's just how it is. Like their colleagues Standard Fare one thing that constantly amazes me is how GOOD all the individual band members are, and how INTO it they all are - for instance, I was AGOG at how BRILLIANT the GUITAR SOLOES were. I do like a proper guitar solo, and these were GRATE, all TUNES and PURPOSE but so PART of the song that you wouldn't really notice their ACENESS if you weren't looking. And EVERYTHING is like that, and when you look at people PLAYING they always seem to be thoroughly enjoying the music they make... which is BRILLO. It was just a fantastic fantastic gig!

I think I must have been even MORE emotionally effected than I thought - I don't half feel a bit poorly today, it's the only explanation!

posted 1/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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