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Blog: Local Community Action

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I had a lovely day on Saturday, all in LEYTONSTONE. I met some OLD PALS in a cafe for COFFEE (swanky!) then joined up with The Java In My Beans and The Landlady at our local church for a TALK and then a WALK around the World War Two bomb sites of the parish. It was AMAZING - we kept drawing up outside 1950s flats and being told of the devastation that had preceded them. I've always known our area was heavily hit in the blitz but it was fascinating to see where such an important part of history had happened. Then we went to the PUB - I do not think I was alone in needed a PINT or two to settle my mind after all that.

Sunday was ALSO spent in Leytonstone, but this time mostly in MY HOUSE as I set to MIXING. The big job of the day was to sort out the new Totally Acoustic podcast which is ready for downloading NOW. It was a tough job deciding which of the A Little Orchestra songs to use. Part of me wanted to use ALL of MY songs, but that would have been GREEDY, and they ALL sounded SO GORGEOUS. My little four track did a GRATE job I reckon, it sounds LUSH. Like, well, an ORCHESTRA.

The editing of the Moon Horse section was a LOT easier: I just did "Episode One" and left it at the cliffhanger. CUNNING!

I think it's rather a good one, all round, and it's FUN to be back in the groove of DOING these podcasts. ENERGISED by this I set to finishing off the first draft of my Christmas Cover for the Joyzine Advent Calendar ("Needs more 'OOO'" according to my co-vocalist, final draft to be done later this week) and then headed out for a little bit MORE Local Area Useage with a STRIDE into Epping Forest with The Trees In My Wood.

It was all in all a rather WHOLESOME weekend spent in The Local Community, which we finished off with a TRIUMPHANT visit to our local curry house for a takeaway. Result: VICTORY!

posted 14/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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