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Blog: Peterborough Beer Festival

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We hopped on the WAGN train last night (i know it's not called the WAGN anymore, but it's such a nice name for it I refuse to start sating First Capital Connect Ne Num Ne Num Ne Nar Nar BORING TRAIN) to head for Peterborough, and my annual pilgrimage to The Peterborough Beer Festival.

I say "we" because, for the first time, The Beer In My Barrel came along with me. Yes, after ten years together it seemed right to REWARD her with BEER FESTIVAL. Who knows? After twenty years perhaps I shall take her to see POSH!

We met my parents, had some TEA, and then strolled over to the embankment where The Members In My Society and i flashed our CAMRA cards and regrouped on the other side for a FINE evening of BEER, also of NONSENSE. We met Mr & Mrs Mileage and spent the rest of the night LARFING at REMARKS and tasting each other's drinks, it was BLOODY LOVELY. I usually go on a Friday, so was delighted to find the tent markedly less RAMMED, helped by the fact that, for once, it wasn't actually raining - though I think my Mum would have preferred it a bit more full, as for the first time ever she DIDN'T bump into someone she used to work with. The organisers had KEPT the rubbish layout of the tents (blocking off one end so you couldn't do the traditional "Find People I Went To School With" circumnavigation) but apart from that everything was ACE. I even managed to be ALL SOPHISTICATED by NOT having one last final beer and thus NOT getting absolutely plastered. CLASSY.

I did still manage to get HORRIBLY LOST in my Mum's spare room though. It's VERY DARK in the countryside, all right? I woke up at 4am and PANICKED, as usual, when I couldn't find my way out. Wonderfull, this time, there was The Bulb In My Light Socket on hand to say "You're not at home! That's the wardrobe!" and all was well. PHEW! A good - and SAFE - time happily had by one and all!

posted 25/8/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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