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Blog: Whole Lot Of Scripts

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Although it may SEEM from previous information that I spent all of last week RELAXING and LOAFING AROUND, the actual truth of the matter is that I spent a large amount of time working. Working at The Hardest Job In The World.

For LO! I took the script for Moon Horse with me and DILIGENTLy spent large chunks of my day LEARNING it. Even when i lay apparently COMATOSE on the beach my mind was AWHIRRING with the activities of Geoffrey Livingstone and co, running through all the lines and occasionally CHORTLING at the jokes - jokes which i wrote myself. That means they must be REALLY funny, right?

This needs doing as we now have only THREE practices until our first PREVIEW SHOW in Northampton, which is suddenly a bit SCARY. Very very soon this will cease to be an excuse for me and Steve to LARK ABOUT and become a Deadly Serious Theatrical Endevour. All right, maybe not deadly serious, but still: if anyone turns up they will have paid CA$H MONEY to see us, and so minimising the RAMSHACKLENESS is a good idea.

These attempts at BUFFOONERY REDUCTION have taken a bit of a knock in the past couple of days due to SCRIPT confusion, as there is a DIFFERENT version of the show now knocking around inside my head. A couple of weeks ago I did a mini-mailshot to people who I thought we might be able to interest in a RADIO version of the show. The idea was to see if we could persuade them to come and see it in Edinburgh, by which time Mr J Kell and I hoped to have worked out a half hour pilot version with which to IMPRESS them. To be honest I didn't expect anyone to be in the slightest bit bothered, so you can imagine my ALARM when a couple of people WERE - especially when one of them said they'd be happy to see the SCRIPT which a) I'd said we had available but b) we hadn't actually written yet.

Cue DISCUSSION, THORT, and last Sunday a FRENZY of typing as I attempted to finish off a draft John had begun with about 20 minutes of STUFF. It actually worked out pretty well - about half of it was lifted from the existing version and the rest had been MULLED OVER by the pair of us in PUBS, but still I was quite chuffed to be able to sit down and DO it, especially when i realised I could gently ease Control Alt Delete into a GAP and thus not only save myself writing a NEW song but also re-use one i really LIKED.

While I was away John read, cogitated upon, and revised the script, and I'm now working through CHECKING it ready for a READTHROUGH tomorrow night before sending it off. It's all terribly exciting - as I say, I never thought anyone would want to see it - but my poor old brain is getting a bit care-worn trying to marry up the two. It's like trying to remember the differences between Marvel and Ultimate Marvel - is this the one with Madeline P Hartington (MSc) in it? Or is that the one where Reed Richards is a BADDIE?

It's tough, but HEY! that's why they call it The Hardest Job In The World.

posted 24/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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