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Blog: Saw Thor: COR!

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On Monday night I met my old pal Mr Steven Carter last night and we went to see THOR. It was GRATE! It was my first new 3D film - Steve tells me the big PUSH for 3D films is from the studios, as it means people can't PIRATE it. Clever eh? We're basically wearing massive versions of the ELITE decoder lense on our FACES and PAYING for the privilege! I don't really see much other reason for it - I mean, it's OK, but why would you CHOOSE to see a film made to look like it's three layers of moving cardboard?

It made it look more like a COMIC than a film, which isn't all bad, but reminded me of the THICK LINES you used to get around foreground figures in Proper Old Fashioned Comics to denote closeness. Other than that it was ALL GOOD - the plot of the film basically goes like THIS:

WHAM! WHAM! BANG! Anthony Hopkins. WHAM! JOKE!
BANG! JOKE! Samuel L Jackson.

I don't think I've missed anything have I? This was EXACTLY what I was looking for in a Superhero film - too often the producers seem to think "Hmm, this character/story has been popular for forty years. The reason for this CANNOT BE the actual CHARACTER or STORY, it must just be THE NAME so we'll change EVERYTHING ELSE and make it BORING" and add in layers of a) IRONY b) KISSING c) some useless idiot wandering around a desert very much NOT SMASHING THINGS. Since Marvel Comics have come along, however, they do seem to have made wonderful strides in the art of Making It Like The Comics and I was most impressed by how VERY faithful to THOR it was, especially with The Warriors Three and SIF. They were the BEST!

So yeah, all round it was SUPER DUPER and I am now EAGER for "Captain America" to come along and then - YOINKS! - The Avengers!

posted 11/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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"some useless idiot wandering around a desert very much NOT SMASHING THINGS." Ha ha ha.. although you also forgot making Galactus a cloud of moon dust. I'm glad Thor met your approval! I really enjoyed it too... nit-pickingly, i could have done with it being perhaps half an hour longer just to fully delve into Loki's plan and perhaps give Thor some more time being humbled on Earth BUT they did an amazing job bringing not only Thor BUT also general Marvel Universe cosmic concepts to the mainstream big screen (hopefuly stopping all this "mainstream audiences won't buy into how it is in the comics" lets turn Galactus into a cloud nonsense). Plus I give big kudo to Chris Hemsworth who I thought did a really good job. It reminded me a bit to how Matt Smith portrays the Doctor... it's like he managed to pull together lots of the bigger aspects of the character into a restrained yet charismatic whole. His noble warrior will play nicely against Tony Stark's cocky playboy in the Avengers. And then there's THAT Hawkeye cameo (albeit without purple costume - bah!).
posted 11/5/2011 by PhoeniXPhiL

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