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Today I have some MARVELLOUS videos to show you - don't panic, they're not going to be me trying to persuade you of the virtues of House Of Lords reform or anything (altho these opinions are very much available iN PUBS should you require them), they are some COVER VERSIONS of MY songs!

A few months ago I received an AMAZING video from Mr Driek Heesakkers of him doing an acapella version of We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home) which was BRILLIANT... but he was a bit too NERVOUS about it for me to share it with anyone. HOWEVER I now have the following non-acapella but LIVE IN CONCERT version which i CAN share with you, THUS:

Isn't it FANTASTIC? I love the way he sings it so casually, and everyone JOINS IN! Even though he's singing in FOREIGN!! This reminded me of a couple of OTHER cover versions, the first of which features Mr J Walsh doing Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine

I LOVE the way he does ALL the music - this is one of my FAVOURITE songs that I've ever done, so am especially MOVED to see it being covered, not least by someone who - SURELY - would be too young to even REMEMBER Polytechnics, let alone their discotheques?

On a similar A Million Ukeleles TIP here's the title song from that album performed a couple of years ago by Jules:

Another lovely version - which always seems to be to be being played in a MUCH more fancy way than I ever managed - altho people with a delicate constitution do be warned, it was filmed by an ACTUAL small child so does tend to get a bit SHAKY!

Next here's Mr Robin Harbron of THUNDER BAY (Robin's bought quite a few of our CDs over the year, and it always feels VERY EXCITING to send stuff to THUNDER BAY!) performing a GRATE version of We Only Ever Meet In Church:

You may also note that he is playing it IN A CHURCH for extra Song VALUE! Excellent work sir! Next we have one by Mr G Weiss, which a NUMBER of people have emailed me about saying "Have you SEEn this? What is THIS about?

As I recall Gregg (who is the SAME GREGG, by the way, featured in I Did A Gig In New York) had an idea that LOTS of people could do similar sort of versions to his - it was an idea I was FULLY behind (hey! every time one of my songs is played on YouTube I get 0.00000001p [approx] from the PRS!) but didn't quite catch on. Maybe it's time has yet to come?

And finally, for now, here's a cover version featuring ACTUAL VALIDATORS. You may have noticed the incredibly MULTINATIONAL feel of the songs so far, well get THIS: this one was recorded on the tropical island of MAURITIUS!

Not only does this feature the aforesaid ACTUAL VALIDATORS (I thought they were meant to be WORKING out there, not LARKING ABOUT!) but also some of the ACTUAL CHOIR OF CHILDREN that appear on the finished version of this track. Why, it's like bootleg footage from St Winifreds, but TROPICAL!

Thanks very much INDEED to EVERYBODY who's been in these videos - it's been lovely to go back and be reminded of them, and if anybody knows of any MORE, do let me know in the comments bit below, I'd LOVE to see them!

posted 9/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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