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Blog: Dinosaurs Make Everything Better

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Whilst typing (HAMMERING OUT) yesterdays somewhat GRUMPY blog I noticed at the top of the screen that an email had appeared in my gmail account. "I'll finish this before I look at it", i thought, wanting to get the GRUMP out of my HEAD and out into the ETHER as soon as possible, but also thinking "It'll be something ELSE annoying I'm sure."

OH HOW WRONG I WAS, for LO! It was the OPPOSITE entirely, something so very wonderful that even my Personal Best GRUMP Of 2011 was dispelled IMMEDIATELY, replaced by some giggling and the suddent need to nip outside to SCAMPER ABOUT a bit with GLEE.

"What could this email BE?" you are doubtless thinking. Allow me to SATE your delightful curiousity: it was an email from Mr John Allison, creator of my FAVOURITE web comic Bad Machinery. I've been following his work for YEARS and can often be seen sporting his T-SHIRTS (e.g. the "It Is Rock O'Clock", "Space IS Weird", "Books Rule" and MANY MANY MORE), so when I realised I would need a Proper Artist to DRAW the cover of "Dinosaur Planet" his name was top of the list.

And THUS i am very happy to report that he IS going to be doing the cover for album, and that the email in question contained the first CONCEPT ART for this very thing: AND THAT IT LOOKED AMAZING! As with the actual music itself I am trying VERY HARD INDEED to keep things under wraps until they are all completed, so won't be showing anything here for a while yet, but do please take my word for it when i say IT IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC! He's also going to be doing us some ILLUSTRATIONS for the CD Booklet - so far we've seen a rough sketch for one of General Truelove negotiationg with the Space Dinosaurs and IT PRETTY MUCH BLEW MY MIND!

But wait! There is one more thing you must know! THERE ARE GOING TO BE T-SHIRTS TOO!!!

So yes, as you can probably tell, I am MORE than a little excited about it all and very very happy with how this particular aspect is panning out. We're even booked into the studio in a few weeks to do the PENULTIMIXES - it's going to be a good old while yet until the album is available to BUY, as there's mixing, mastering, MANUFACTURING and all sorts to get through yet (with a big gap while I go off and do Edinburgh) but rest assured, progress is PROGRESSING and it is VERY much going to be worth the wait!

posted 6/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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