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FILMING continued last night for the I'm Saying Yes video, the HIGHPOINT of which was me having to stand outside my own front door wearing a Dinosaur mask carrying a sign saying "KILL ALL HUMANS". It is going to be a thoroughly STERN and WORLDLY video, can you tell? Typically that most PUBLIC and Vaguely Embarassing BIT was the ONLY bit that needed re-doing, so I had to sort it out this morning before leaving for work - I'm giving the Dinosaur mask BACK to Mr S Hewitt tonight, along with the other props that I have borrowed, and wanted to make sure I did it all in one go lest CHAOS ensue.

Having done that I then spent many MANY hours doing EDITING. Slotting the filmed bits together was fine, and it's really starting to take shape now, but I soon realised that though the VERSES are full of ACTION the CHORUSES were looking a bit DULL. Eventually I hit upon the idea of getting Famous People Saying Yes to ZOOM past the door of the room I filmed it in, a RATHER GOOD idea which took BLOODY AGES to get to work. Throughout this particular PROJECT I have thought "This'd be so much easier if I could do it with a proper green screen" but been put off by the EXHORBITANT cost. More and more, however, I'm starting to think it might become WORTH it.

Still, after much BRANE STRANE I got it all going quite nicely, and am left today with a few bits and bobs to sort out. I'm using some HOMEMADE ILLUSTRATIONS throughout, and have just had a rather lovely lunch hour drawing a REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE of the POLITICAL MAKE-UP of our DEMOCRACY! It looks lovely - ALAS it only lasts about 2 seconds on screen, but still, i think it will be NICE.

I really must crack on with it though - every day I read the news and see the lying bastards of the NO campaign starting to get ahead and think "Hold on, I'M COMING!" As I may have said before, i have a GOOD FEELING about this one - it feels as if I am using MY MIGHTY POWERS FOR GOOD and if it results in a grateful nation wanting to get me onto THIS WEEK with Andrew Neil then, well, who am I to argue. I'm already practicing Looking Slightly Uncomfortable Standing On The Edge Of The Set for the beginning of the show.

I really am. REALLY. If I don't get to GIGGLE live on telly when he mentions Blue Nun i will be QUITE UPSET.

posted 19/4/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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