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End of year greetings, one and all! Sorry to have been incommunicado lately, but it has been for the best of all reasons: The reason of ROCK!

For LO! for the past several days various validators and cohorts have been hard at work in Derby working on overdubs for the Dinosaur Planet concept album. On Tuesday Robbie and Rich put some final touches to the sound effects on the dialogue sections, then next day Tom, Tim, Emma and I gathered to do OVERDUBS. We had a LOT of fun! On Thursday me and Tom went back in to work on the dialogue sections, and then today Tim and Emma returned to finish off Emma's vocals and do a bit more overdubs, including THE CHILDREN'S CHOIR.

We didn't really have time to do proper mixing, which is a shame, as it sounds SO INCREDIBLE i just want to have it all at home to listen to all the time. Honestly, if you ever thought we were going a bit far with the SOUND PICTURE before you are going to be A Bit Surprised by quite how much further we have gone - some might say it makes Sergeant Pepper sound like The Texas Campfire Tapes... in fact, I'd really like it if they did, as it is KIND OF like that!

It's also been METRIC TONNES of GOOD TIMES, as you can probably tell from these video snippets:

We'll be back in next year to finish it off, and hopefully by NEXT New Year's Eve it'll all be done, made, and available to buy. For now though it must remain, like so many things, a beautiful dream of the year to come. Let's hope for LOTS of those to come true - Happy New Year everyone, and see you on the other side!

posted 31/12/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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