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Blog: Indietracks Tour: DAY ONE

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At long last, after months of discussion and planning it was time for The Validators to get back on the road - a road that would lead us to Indietracks.

The tour started, for me at least, before it had much chance to begin (poetry) as I bumped into How Does It Feel's Mr Ian Watson as I walked to King's Cross to catch the train North. Bumping into people is pretty much the main excitement of Indietracks, so it was lovely to get started early.

Inside i met The Trains On My Tracks and we WHIZZED off to Leicester, where, as a special treat, we were staying at The Holiday Inn. Half an hour later we were sat in the JACUZZI, discussing how nice Touring can really be!

We'd agreed to meet at The Musician at 6.30pm and I was pleased to see Tom getting out of his car at exactly half past, as I strolled up the street. I was about to comment on how PUNCTUAL we were when The Pattisons rolled up! I said hello and carried on unloading before realising that I hadn't seen Emma all YEAR- it felt so natural and normal for us all to be together like this that I'd forgotten we'd not done it for AGES!

We got set up, updated each other about our various families (you know you've been in a band a long time when you ask after each other's mums), soundchecked and then went out for CHIPS and a discussion about how GRATE Dinosaur Planet is sounding.

Back at The Musician we were made complete by the arrival of Mr Frankie Machine. I think i was not the only one to be bit over-excited about us all being together again. "It's like getting the band back together!" I kept saying, before realising that, actually, that's EXACTLY what it was!

I enjoyed seeing The Lime Chalks again and then SANG ALONG with almost the whole of Standard Fare's set. As i have probably mentioned ENOUGH, i LOVE their album and am fairly convinced that this time next year nobody will BELIEVE that we were able to do a gig with them, let alone with them playing before us. They were GRATE!

And then it was our turn to go on, and do THIS:

  • Billy Jones Is Dead
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
  • The Merchant Ivory Punks
  • The Merchant Ivory Punks
  • The Merchant Ivory Punks
  • We Are The Giant Robots
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • Please Don't Eat Us
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed

  • It was a LOT of fun, and a LOT ramshackle - The Merchant Ivory Punks is not there twice by mistake, we just messed it up so badly the first time we had to have another go! Most of it was surprisingly all right however, and I enjoyed it ENORMOUSLY - as shown by the LARGE amount of CHAT that went on. I had to remind myself that there were people there who MIGHT want to hear songs rather than Various Remarks, and get ON with it!

    Get on with it we DID, although that didn't stop a convulted ramble about Prolapse being unforgivably missed out of Britpop retrospetives, a "cover" of one of their BBC Sessions, nor The Tiger's ROAR. It felt NATURaL to be back together but also a bit STRANGE to once again NOT be doing songs that were all about Dinosaurs!

    It all seemed to go quite well though, helped by GRATE sound and, after some more CHAT and BEER finishing (I had a pint of Kodiak Gold that was AMAZING!) it was time to pack up and get gone. Day one had finished, but there was a LOT more tour still to go!

    posted 25/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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