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Blog: Forest Moon Of Enderby - the cover

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I've been banging on about the TRAVAILS of getting "Forest Moon Of Enderby" sorted out at the manufacturers A LOT just lately, so I thought it was probably time to show you the cover. So here it is!

Forest Moon Of Enderby

GOOD, isn't it?

It took us AGES to get round to this. Originally I asked Tim to do us something that looked like Warriors Of Nanpantan and, under my BADGERING, he came up with a design which we came to know as "The Giant Space Cabbage". In retrospect i have to say this was possibly not the best DEMAND I have ever made.

HOWEVER, Tim had his OWN idea and so, one weekend, crept into the forests of Mauritius with some cuddly toys and small items of clothing and a camera... what? WHAT? CLEAN YOUR MINDS! He was there to find a suitable LOG upon which to take the picture you see above. Goodness me!

Anyway, some toying with LIGHTING and the addition of the LOGO (which I'd knocked up for the multimedia and didn't expect to see on the FRONT) and some TEXT and LO! The rather DELIGHTFUL cover you see above.

The inside looks DEAD ARTY too, but we'll save that until it comes out. At the moment I am poised by the email waiting to hear if the AUDIO CD is actually going to work properly. Being a LABEL, it's just FUN FUN FUN!

posted 8/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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That looks cracking, MJ - nice one! It's also reminded me that I have to try and remove the toy magnetic alphabet recently inserted into my ukulele by my son.
posted 8/7/2010 by Pete Green

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