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Blog: Uncle Mark

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It was HO! for Far Flung Peterborough last night, to have a look at my brand new nephew. He was absolutely lovely, my dears it was all rather moving. My mum cried, many pictures were taken, my sister GLOWED and us uncles stood around looking pleased. LOVELY. Less lovely was the length of time it too me, the sunshine in my sky, and my brother, to get there and back - leaving work just before five, we got home around midnight having spent just over 90 minutes in the bosom of my family. It was TRAVELASTEROUS!

I must say, I quite like this Uncle lark. As far as I can see, looking as if you are about to say something frightful (but never actually so doing) and being prepared to hang small boys upside down is about all there is to it. Later I may develop a sports car and moustache (like my Great Uncle Jack - the QUINTESSENTIAL Uncle, he was The Man Who Saved Bass Breweries, buy me a pint and i shall tell you ALL), and make sure I have a SHINY SHILLING to hand out when necessary, but give me time, I have only just started.

Also I went and bought some baby clothes from John Lewis's. I expected to find the baby clothes department full of WOMEN, coo-ing, aah-ing and blubb-ing. What I DIDN'T expect was to find it full of ME going "Ooh, isn't it so... oh, excuse me, I have something in my eye." I took me an HOUR to get back to the usual levels of HUSKY MANLINESS, it were right RUM.

posted 28/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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