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I walked once more up to CAMDEN last night, strolling past the fantastic Greater London House a GIGANTIC, also MENTAL building which appears to be a massive homage to CATS. It says on wikipedia that it's designed after an Egyptian Temple to BUBASTIS (who was great in Watchmen etc etc etc) but looking closely at the cats along the top it looks more like AN HOMAGE TO MOGGIES.

The rest of Camden was, as ever, significantly less than delightful, though it's nice to see where Corporate Festivals got the inspiration from for the Parade Of Dreadful Tat Shops that seems to be DE RIGEUR where'ere there is noodles, temporary stages and Mumford And Sons.

Things picked up when i arrived at the rehearsal room to find Mr S Hewitt waiting, and together we went in for a BLOODY GRATE practice. As I may have mentioned before I'm really quite excited about how ACTUALLY GOOD the show looks like it'll be and we FROLICKED through it, stopping now and again to ADJUST bits, including FINALLY sorting out a bit that was causing us problems in For The Fate Of The Earth, which we were both RATHER pleased about.

I also made a conscious effort to RELAX a bit about it - in previous times I have been a bit STERN (a bit) about doing THE RIGHT WORDS, especially when Steve's PARAPHRASED bits. This time around I realised that it was a JOINT EFFORT just like being in the BAND and that I should EMBRACE CHANGES as they might well make it BETTER. This made it MUCH more fun and, it has to be said, was helped along by the fact that a) Steve KNEW the words much better and b) er... i kept forgetting bits, so couldn't really complain! But there were several areas where I realised we'd CHANGED and ADDED to it as we'd gone along, where it was MORE GOOD as a direct result. An Important Lesson: LEARNT!

With that done we hopped on a BUS down to Euston Road and The New Diorama Theatre, there to attend the launch party for The Camden Fringe. It felt a bit odd - it was basically just a DO with loads of people standing around in a bar area and small theatre SPACE, chatting. I thought there might be more to it than that, but it could be that we'd MISSED that at the beginning, so we picked up our copies of the programme, drank our beer, and then, more at my urging than Steve's, LEFT. I was reminded once again that we are TOURISTS FROM ROCK, just visiting The World Of Theatre And Comedy And So On and that, as ever, it's so much nicer to go home to GIGS and stuff.

ALSO nice to go to was The Bree Louise just round the corner where we had a couple of DELICIOUS pints and watched some of The Football. MUCH more my cup of tea!

posted 15/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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