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HOORAH! The interview I did the other week is now online over at Shift Run Stop and, mentioned, I DON'T HALF GO ON! Blimey! Hibbett! PAUSE FOR BREATH!

Well, I say "Hibbett", but for some reason they seem to have wiped out my own speech (which sounds, of course, like a slightly younger version of Patrick Stewart) and replaced it with one of THE WURZELS. And clearly a wurzel who's got a bit over-excited and had too many cups of Hot Coffee. For goodness sakes! Why oh why do people KEEP doing this whenever I am recorded?!?

Other than that it sounds GRATE, and is a clear record of a lovely afternoon with rather nice versions of Hey Hey 16K and A Little Bit - thanks for having me, Team Shift Run Stop!

posted 11/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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