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Blog: Tickets are GO!

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I'm very very excited this morning to see that you can now buy tickets for Dinosaur Planet in Edinburgh. Last night I got home from work to find the Fringe Programme had arrived with us in it, and it all seems extremely REAL now!

We're in the MUSICALS section this time, which appears to be even smaller than MUSIC, which we've resided in for the past two years, and contains even MORE stuff that makes me think "How wonderful that someone would want to DO that."

That was TACT, by the way - we DID think about going into the COMEDY section, as we've THORT every year, but that's so HUGE i think we'd just get lost. At least we STAND OUT in the Musicals section, i reckon we're the COOLEST SHOW in the whole thing. And yes, i know, that's like being the ROCKINGEST ACT at a Folk Festival, but STILL.

Anyway, it's all TREMENDOUSLY exciting and I'm ALREADY, three hours into the Sales Frenzy, wondering if I should just go in and check whether we've SOLD OUT the entire run yet. It can't be long, right?

posted 11/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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