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Blog: Dinosaur Planet: THE RETURN

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As threatened the brand new Dinosaur Planet webpage is now GO! It's got all SORTS of exciting things on it - posters, our pictures, press releases... er... and STUFF! I've been racing to get it ready before the Edinburgh Fringe programme comes out tomorrow, and I'll be updating it first thing Friday when TICKETS become available.

It's all rather EXCITING and getting CLOSER, and the excitement was not UNDIMMED last night when Mr S Hewitt and I gathered once more in Camden for another practice. News from the rehearsal rooms is that Ocean Colour Scene are still BIG with THE KIDS (or at least those with drum kits) and that the show is shaping up pretty nicely. There's still bits where we're unsure of what to say and/or sing next but we've got two more practices before we start the preview shows, and I am full of confidence that by the time we start hitting THE STAGE it will be SOMEWHAT GROOVY.

These feelings were ENHANCED by Steve's introduction of two NEW props - I won't say what they are, suffice to say they fit over his hands and solve the, until apparently unsoluble, problem: "How DO you represent a 'herd of hungry carnivores' in a two man stage show?" They're GRATE!

posted 9/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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