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On Saturday I headed out to Distant Lewisham, to meet up with the chaps from Kooba Radio. I had a BRILLIANT time. We started off sat in the pub for an hour or two, before going off to the studio i.e. Johnny Yeah's FLAT. It were like PIRATE radio, like in that Lenny Henry sitcom 300 years ago, except not. We dillied and dallied a bit, then it was HO! for recording the show. WHAT fun it was - people actually WANTED me to go on and on about the label, the album, and to tell HILARIOUS ANECDOTES of ROCK! We ROLLOCKED through the hour long show, recording it AS LIVE, and as well as BANGING ON about various ISSUES, I also played "I Come From The Fens" and "Easily Impressed" (also "Bands From London, to illustrate a POINT, but that wasn't recorded). When asked to set a Prize Question I believe I showed my TRUE COLOURS ("What is the Secret Identity of The Mighty Thor?") but was relieved to find at least one person in the room knew the answer... other people went Strangely Quiet. There was much LARKS and JOKES, and at the end, as mentioned elsewhere, I recorded a Station Ident and a JINGLE. It was BLOODY GRATE.

Afterwards we went to the pub (it would've been rude not to) for some MORE fun and discussion, and it was with some SADNESS that I made my excuses and began the long journey home. It really was an AWFUL lot of fun, and I hope that a) that comes across when the show goes online and b) that I get to do it again sometime. HOORAY for INTERWEB RADIO!

posted 26/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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