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Blog: Practicing/Upstairs At The Garage

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I was back in Camden, City Of A Thousand Wazzocks, after work yesterday for another Dinosaur Planet practice with Mr S Hewitt. We've both been hard at work learning lines and so we DOVE straight into a FULL RUN THROUGH.

The word which most adequately describes it would be "ramshackle". Still, we got to the end, with only a few LUNGES for the script, and as Steve said we're in the middle of May with a fully written show, with a script AND costumes, and several months to HONE it, which is more than I would guest most people have. We just need to LEARN it properly - being UNSURE, as we were, made the whole thing a bit terrifying, and I think we will need to make sure that everyone attending Totally Acoustic next week is fully aware of the meaning of the term "Preview Show" i.e. "We will be cocking it up all the way through".

The songs sound good tho!

We left the building to the strains of THE WHITE STRIPES, who do seem to be VERY MUCH The Practicing Band's Band Of Choice, and heading over to ISLINGTON to meet Mrs M Hewitt. We were off to a GIG, but first we went down the road for a CURRY. I've been in Islington several times requiring GRUB but for some reason have always gone looking in the wrong direction, for LO! it turns out there is STANDARD TANDOORI five minutes down Holloway Road from the tube station, where we had a LOVELY meal. I had STANDARD BALTI (surprise surprise) and the standard was HIGH.

And then it was off to Upstairs At The Garage, to see JimBob doing his book reading thing. I was EXCITED to be back Upstairs as I used to play there A LOT Back In The Day and have MANY fond memories of it - the "secret track" at the end of Say It With Words was recorded there, and it was also one of the first times I met The Sticky Floor Of My Venue. I was thus DELIGHTED to find that they'd carried out a huge expensive refit to make it look ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. The mixing desk had moved but otherwise it was as if they'd VACUUM SEALED it when it closed down - even the Slightly Fed Up Bar Staff were back in place.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gig - Isy Suttie was GRATE and i HUNGER for a copy of JimBob's book - but my favourite bit was that there were a whole bunch of people there I knew, so we wandered round having a) a chat b) a lovely time doing the above. For some reason I had my photograph taken with, amongst others, Mr Chris T-T and Mr Keith TOTP. "It's like the line-up for Live Aid 2015" I remarked and, to be honest, when you find yourself saying daft things like that you know it is time to STOP drinking the lager and START going home. So I did, a song in my heart and a daft grin on my face, having had a LOVELY night out!

posted 20/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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I am currently half way through Storag Stories and it is brilliant. Well worth getting and he signed mine, which always makes me happy!!
posted 20/5/2010 by Paul Reaney

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