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Blog: Not Just Hibbett's Golden Rules

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After work on Friday I HOT FOOTED it to King's Cross to commence my Annual Pilgrimage to The Only Good Thing That Ever Happens In Peterborough: THE BEER FESTIVAL! As ever, it was BLOODY GRATE. I met up with the same people I have met up with every year since 1987, and as with every since 1990 they said "Why do you only come on one day?", PURELY so that I would have to re-mention What Happened After The Beer Festival of 1989 when I got the MOST drunk I ever have and was BANNED from going again that year by my parents. Being an Grown Up myself now, I have voluntarily self-imposed this continued ban from attending for more than one night (this time when I got home I appeared to pull down a curtain, knock over a mirror, break a lamp and cover the room with Pot Pourri, so it is still a VALID embargo) - one year I went for the whole of the Saturday, as an experiment, and ended up joining the Peterborough United Supporters Club, and having to see them play MORE than once ever five years, so once again I learnt my lesson well.

Anyway, I had an absolutely LOVELY time, and me, Robin and Mileage applied The Golden Rules THROUGHOUT, reminding me that I may well have CODIFIED them, but certainly didn't come up with them on my own. We also met some people from the year below us in school, who were IMPRESSED when I showed off about having a new CD about - nobody else was, although they WERE, rightfully, VERY impressed when I told them about the possibility of playing Olympia, who wouldn't be? - and generally wandered about talking the usual bollocks we have done since we were at school. It was BRILLIANT.

The next day I felt a little beleagured and confused, but after a cup of tea, lots of toast, and some aspirin, I was feeling pretty good again. I feel this PROVES that The Golden Rules are GOOD for you - properly made BEER without nasty additives that's kept properly is practically HEALTH FOOD! Sort of!

posted 26/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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