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Blog: One Foot In The Spotlight

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As anyone who knows me will doubtless tell you, i am NOTHING if not shy of the limelight. "Quiet", is what my nearest and dearest will tell you. "Keeps a steady supply of bushels to hand for light concealment", they might add. "With Hibbett, it's all about letting others shine".

But even one so humble as I does occasionally like to feel he is part of the ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS, and I must admit it's been a little QUIET on that front just lately. Although there has been a FRENETIC wave of activity it's all been away from the GLARE of The Watching Universe as we've been getting things ready - later this year we'll be out and about performing Dinosaur Planet, releasing the concept album version, and "Forest Moon Of Enderby", but this year so far has seen very little of us out and/or ABOUT.

So it's been rather nice, these past couple of days, to have a couple of things happen that actually HAPPEN. For instance, on Monday I got an email from the nice people at Shift Run Stop asking me if I'd like to go and be on one of their podcasts. I said "YES PLEASE" and so am OFF there on Monday to... er... well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do exactly. Possibly bang on about myself and play some songs, which will be DELIGHTFUL, for me at least.

Meanwhile I've also finally got round to doing a bit of re-plugging of our bandcamp site (which, as you may recall, I did a rather snazzy video for). I got a HUGE list of about 200 music blogs from Mr R Newman of The Snug, and have had a, to be honest, slightly depressing time gradually going through them. It's depressing because most of them have Gone The Way Of All Things, it's like trawling through a remake of GEOCITIES, although there ARE a few of them left standing which look quite groovy (and most of those are currently raving about Allo Darlin', funnily enough!) so I've been steadily EMAILING them.

Imagine then my JOY when I saw that Side Ponytail have not only LISTENED to the album, not only LIKED it, but also had a right good proper THINK about it. Their review of it is one of my favourite EVER as it's clearly done with an THOUGHTFUL BRANE on - i do like it when someone DOESN'T really like a song AND explains why in a way that makes you think "Oh yes, fair enough". It's ACE, do pop over and have a look!

And if all THAT wasn't more than enough excitement, yesterday when I was walking back to work from LUNCH someone said "You're MJ Hibbett!" AND THEY WERE RIGHT. It was a young man who had seen me play at Indietracks, who then APOLOGISED for drawing attention to it. I don't know why people say that sort of thing, especially to me as i LOVE it. It really rather made my day in fact, and I walked back to the office, having thanked him, with a big silly grin on my face. It was lovely!

Maybe... maybe I could get USED to showing off?

posted 19/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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