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Blog: Back In The Country

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Hello everyone, I'm back from my holidays - I didn't miss anything did I? I'm sure it was all VERY QUIET after the election...

I JEST, of course - we had BBC1 on the telly in our apartment, so every time we got back from LOUNGING AROUND in the sunshine we eagerly switched it on wanting to see what ON EARTH had happened next. It was a GRATE week in which to have time to sit and read the paper from cover to cover!

But now that I'm back it's time to FLY into ACTION - i've spent most of this morning working out a SCHEDULE that'll allow me to finish publicising our bandcamp page, get our next b-sides compilation out in time for indietracks, get Dinosaur Planet ready for Edinburgh whilst recording the album version at the same time, get to the various GIGS that are turning up, and... well, there's LOADS more happening, but I think that'll be enough to worry about for now!

The next thing here will be WE VALIDATE! appearing on the bandcamp page and maybe some of the long promised improvements to the new webpage, so do stick around - it's going to be a Summer of THRILLS!

posted 16/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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We're all eagerly awaiting your observations on the coalition, Mark!
posted 16/5/2010 by Pete Green

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