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Blog: Out Of Office

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All sorts of things have been going on just lately that I'm not going to have time to tell you about properly. We had a GRATE rehearsal on Wednesday night, for instance, when Steve and I did a full run-through of "Dinosaur Planet" which left us HIGH FIVING with GLEE over the post-practice BUFFET. Yes, we have post-practice BUFFETS. That is how we roll.

Meanwhile the concept album itself is moving forward - I spent a couple of HOURS the other day going through identifying the sound effects we'll need, which is now in the hands of TEAM SNUG. It ran to SEVEN PAGES!

Even more excitingly i had a couple of sound files from Indie Legend and All-Round Good Guy Mr Phil Wilson, containing his contribution as SERGEANT PHIL, which sound AMAZING. These should now be safely inserted into the main BODY OF WORK, as last not Mr T McClure was up in Derby in the studio laying down some STRINGS. He tells me he has THREE more sessions booked in, and if I can get round to booking some more for ME to go in to do the final sections of DIALOGUE then by the time we hit INDIETRACKS we'll be well on the way to having the basics DONE.

Talking of indietracks, we now have confirmation that we'll be playing our main WARM-UP GIG at The Musician in Leicester on July 22nd, with Standard Fare and The Lime Chalks. This is a HECK of a line-up, I just hope we manage to remember the words! The next night we might be playing ANOTHER gig in Leicestershire, this time for Tim's WORKS DO, so hopefully we'll be on TIP TOP FORM by the time we get to Ripley!

But I can't BANG ON about all these at the length I'd like because tomorrow (VOLCANO PERMITTING) myself and the MAGMA in my MAGMA TUBE are heading off to MAJORCA on holiday. We'll be away for the week so please, PLAY NICELY while we're away, and hopefully see you in a week or so's time!

posted 8/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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