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Blog: A Lasting Legacy

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I meant to say this the other day whilst discussing the SESSION in Derby, but somehow forgot. Goodness knows how I could, for it concerns what may be the LASTING LEGACY of entire careers in musical endevour: THE SPREADSHEET OF ROCK.

As I've doubtless mentioned many times we have to be VERY ORGANISED about our recording sessions, as they rarely have Continuity Of Staff involved and can be several months apart, so we long ago developed THE SPREADSHEET OF ROCK as a means of keeping on top of things. I think the first OFFICAL one we used was for WE VALIDATE!, when we needed to make sure that everything that NEEDED doing WAS done while we were in Cornwall, but it proved so handy we've used them ever since. It's basically just a list of the basic things that need doing for each song which we tick off as we go along. Hardly ROCKET SCIENCE, but it does make you think about what you're going to do BEFORE you start doing it, and while not preventing ADDITIONS it does FOCUS everyone on what needs to happen.

We've thus utilised them the entire time that we've been recording at SNUG, and Robbie and Rich have always been VERY keen on them. I recall their DELIGHTED FACES the first time they saw them, clearly thinking "But... this is going to make everything so clear! So simple! And clear up valuable time for ROCKING OUT with The Percussion Box later!"

Every now and again one of them has said that they've had another band in who they've told to put a Spreadsheet Of ROCK together, and I've always thought they were either joking, or just referring to a list of songs or something. On Tuesday night, however, I discovered that it is NO JOKE, nor exaggeration - ALL bands entering Snug with the intention on doing A PROJECT are FORCED to complete a proper Spreadsheet Of ROCK before anything can even begin!

This, I feel, is FANTASTIC - it's SUCH a good idea that it's BOUND to leave a lasting effect on these bands who, I am sure, will pass the idea on to all that they meet. In centuries to come when ROCK HISTORIANS speak of The Derby Scene of the 2010s they'll probably say "Ah yes, The Spreadsheet Of ROCK bands, as they are known by one and all. Here indeed is where 'The Age Of Everything Being Dead Good' TRULY began."

I'm not asking for glory, nor official recognition - a mention in a Trivial Pursiut (BRANE HOLOGRAM EDITION) will suffice, and maybe a knighthood or something, that's all - for LO! I am just proud to know that something WE have done is helping THE YOUNG PEOPLE in their quest for creativity. It gives me a warm glow all over!

posted 8/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Could you upload a copy of the SPREADSHEET of ROCK so that we can all benefit from your wisdom and insight?
posted 17/5/2010 by Tim Eveleigh

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